App Features

Maid & Technician Connex

Organize Cleaning & Work Orders

Easily identify and focus on high-priority tasks to optimize staff efficiency.

Simplify Workflows

Implement convenient checklists for amenities and inspections, streamlining routine.

Efficient Issue Reporting

Quickly acknowledge issues to relevant departments for prompt action.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Utilize LINE for immediate access without the need for additional app installations.

Guest Connex

Request Room Service

Explore and request a variety of amenity and maid services with ease.

Control In-Room Devices

Manage your room's lighting and air conditioning remotely for maximum comfort.

Discover Hotel Highlights & Activities

Uncover all the exciting features and activities our hotel has to offer.

Owner Connex

Automated Executive Summaries

Receive daily and weekly overviews of your hotel's performance, hotel operations, occupancy, energy efficiency, etc.

Energy Efficiency Insights

Track and optimize energy usage for cost savings and sustainability.

Immediate Notifications

Stay informed with instant alerts on critical updates and performance metrics.