Alto Auto Certification

Digitally manage, track, prioritize daily room cleaning and inspection, guest requests, and staff tasks for seamless hotel operations. Enhance teamwork between maids, supervisors, and technicians via integrated channel.

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Effortless Exploration and Education

Discover the perfect certification fit effortlessly and gain invaluable insights into certification criteria, empowering informed decisions.

Empowering Benchmarking Tools

Compare your sustainability performance and harness data-driven insights to elevate your performance, setting new standards for success.

Seamless Progress Tracking

Stay effortlessly informed on your certification journey's progress and enjoy peace of mind with real-time updates and milestone notifications, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Efficiency in Improvement

Accelerate your path to certification with streamlined processes, by leveraging Alto's solutions to amplify your sustainability efforts, achieving more with less.

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Recommended Green Certificates

Discover and explore a curated selection of green certificates tailored to your sustainability goals. Make informed decisions with ease.

Progress Tracking and Application Status

Keep a close eye on your certification journey. Track your application status in real-time and stay informed about every milestone achieved.

Sustainability Performance Benchmarking

Gain insights into your sustainability performance compared to industry standards and peers. Benchmark your progress and strive for continuous improvement.

Centralized Document Management

Streamline your application process by centralizing all required documents in one secure location. Access and manage your documentation hassle-free.

Automated Reporting

Simplify reporting tasks with automated tools. Generate comprehensive reports effortlessly, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Automated Data Management

Harness the power of automation to collect, organize, and analyze data seamlessly. Free up valuable time and resources while ensuring data integrity and reliability.