CERO Chiller for mix-used Buiding

CERO Chiller for mix-used Buiding

by using Alto CERO platform, we helped this chiller plant in saving 12.2% of energy consumption

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bangkok, a prominent mixed-use commercial building faced the challenge of optimizing its chiller plant operations. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they turned to Alto CERO to revolutionize their systems and set new benchmarks for efficiency and reliability.

Installation and Upgrade

The implementation journey began with a strategic installation of Alto CERO, ushering in a new era for the chiller plant. This involved a meticulous upgrade of the existing Chiller Plant Management System (CPMS), introducing cutting-edge local and cloud databases, and integrating a sophisticated data stack aligned with data ontology.

Various applications, including CMMS and automated monthly reporting, were seamlessly integrated to empower operators in their daily responsibilities.

Adoption of Alto OS Multi-Agent Platform

The backbone of the transformation was the adoption of the Alto OS multi-agent platform, serving as the central nervous system for the entire system. This comprehensive platform covered every aspect, ranging from seamless data collection to application-driven functionalities.

Features such as Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD), data analysis, optimization, and a notification system were seamlessly integrated, providing operators with a holistic toolkit for efficient management.

Continuous Data Streaming and Analytics

Alto CERO's prowess was demonstrated through the continuous streaming and gathering of tens of gigabytes of raw sensor and equipment data. Both local and cloud databases acted as repositories for this data, which was then meticulously preprocessed for advanced data analytics and visualization.

Plant operators gained valuable insights, ranging from analyzing load profiles and making yearly forecasts to assessing equipment performance and identifying faults. This real-time information proved crucial for maintaining optimal efficiency and ensuring the plant's smooth operation.

Smart Capabilities - Alto GPT and Alto Playback

Beyond fundamental functionalities, Alto CERO showcased its intelligence through smart capabilities. Alto Playback enabled operators to retrieve and replay historical data and events, offering a deep dive into past operations to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. Alto GPT, another smart feature, provided operators with essential engineering knowledge, augmenting their capabilities and supporting their daily tasks.

Results and Impact

The implementation of Alto CERO transformed the commercial building's chiller plant operations, setting new standards for efficiency, reliability, and operator productivity. The combination of advanced technologies, seamless integration, and smart capabilities not only optimized daily operations but also laid the foundation for continuous improvement and sustainability.