Multi-Property for Chiller Plant Monitoring

Multi-Property for Chiller Plant Monitoring

In the dynamic landscape of urban properties, our platform recently transformed a client's oversight of 8 diverse chiller plants across mixed-use commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, and offices. Seamless integration of real-time IoT data from 5 online sites and monthly uploads from 3 offline sites into our Alto Multi-Property platform provided a unified solution.

Diverse Property Management

Tasked with complex operational responsibilities, our client effortlessly monitored their CPMS through our centralized platform. This integration enabled both real-time and monthly data analysis—a crucial capability for managing their diverse property portfolio efficiently. Our dashboard offered a comprehensive view of key metrics for each property, while the system page provided detailed parameters for in-depth chiller plant analysis.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

This streamlined approach significantly enhanced operations, offering unmatched insight and control for managing diverse property portfolios. Empowered with data-driven decisions, our client optimized energy efficiency for their chiller plants, ensuring sustainability and efficient operations based on insights gleaned from our platform. In this efficiency-driven narrative, our platform stands as the silent ally transforming the operational landscape, ensuring comfort today and a sustainable tomorrow.

Centralized Monitoring Platform
  • Effective KPI monitoring

  • Engineering-based visualizations for simplified user oversight

  • Comparative property analysis

  • Quick access to property insights

  • Support both Online IoT and Offline Upload data

Intelligence Monitoring and Analytics for CPMS
  • Real-time and trend-based data monitoring

  • Comprehensive Chiller Plant understanding with detailed engineering analysis

  • ML-assisted for building load and power forecasting

  • Remote access to Niagara4's CPMS website